Monday, March 9, 2009

what i would like to do in 5 years time?

what i would like to do in five years time? when i ask this question to myself, i start thinking of what age am i in five years time. so, i start counting my age and find that i am going to be 25 within 5 years to go. talking about the future, of course i want to do lots of things that i have been dreaming before, since my little years. now, i am already 20 years old. so, i am asking again to myself what i would like to do in 5 years time? i keep asking this precious question because of maybe i cannot clearly my future yet. i do not exactly know what am i going to be and who am i in 5 years to go. but, one thing that i can see very clear, one that i can expect to be true that is i want to get married when i reach 25 years old. Insya-Allah. i also think of being a lecturer or a teacher. i want to pursue my studies and gain more knowledge. i want to show to the world that i am a very special person that can instill good values among children and teenagers. i really born to shape them to be very successful person not only on the earth but also in time of hereafter. Insya-Allah.

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  1. Going into education field? That's great. You can share your knowledge and experience with your students so that they can learn something from you. After all, you have some qualities of a teacher. Good luck girl..